IP infringement Claim

In the event of any concerns or complaints about violation of intellectual property rights, such as the unauthorized use of third-party trademarks or patents, or the selling of counterfeit goods, please send the following information in its entirety to the specify mailbox "sales@dennisdeal.com"and also send all information to our office in Hong Kong by writing. We will take action if needed.

Email and written letter subject shall be named " IP infringement Claim"

Information required

  1. Statement of the authorization relationship between the complainant and Intellectual Property holder
  2. Description of the allegedly infringing works , behaviors or materials
  3. Description of the link where the allegedly infringing materials showed (product(s) URL or and SKU number of the product(s)

Please also share your contact information:

  • Information that permit us to contact you, such as your address, telephone number and e-mail address

  • Proofs of the intellectual property rights that you claim are infringed by the website

*Copyright Infringement: proof of the works copyright registration, or the proof of first publication of the work, or the original manuscript of the work

*Trademark Infringement: a valid registration number or certificate of the trademark.(e.g. "ABC trademark, Reg. No. 123456, registered 1/1/04",etc);

*Patent Infringement: a valid registration number or certificate of the patent .(e.g. "ABC patent, Reg. No. 123456, registered 1/1/04",etc); 

If you have any questions please contact us - sales@dennisdeal.com and address your written letter to our head office in Hong Kong